Avoiding SEO Pitfalls

We’re not perfect. We make mistakes. But, as professional people, we want to avoid mistakes that hurt our competitive ranking.

No mistake is quite as painful as the super-basic “thing” that was overlooked. In the aftermath, we realize that we were so focused on immediate challenges that we rushed past the basic thing.

So, how to step back for a big-picture view? Just do it. Push away from your desk and stare out a window. There: You successfully turned off your mental chatter for several seconds!

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Here is one aspect of SEO that consistently trips people up: Trying to compete on their competitors’ terms. If you did research and saw the other guy making a killing in Custom Widget B, should you suddenly be writing content about the same topic?

Your true starting point is the traits that make you most distinct. You’ve got a Reversible Doodad that no one has? Gravy, baby. Run with it! Identifying distinctive traits does not come naturally to everyone. Recruit your associates. Ask them:

  • What is our product or service that is not mirrored by competitors?
  • What is the remarkable way one of our staff delivers products or services?
  • What was that unexplored idea you heard about one day at lunch?

These types of ideas are often closer than you ever imagined. Your greatest obstacle when looking for ideas is being rigid in your expectations; rigid about how and when inspiration will arrive. It probably will not arrive when you are sitting at your desk during the pre-planned time. It will not arrive with the sound of trumpets; it will whisper.

Michiel Heijmans at Yoast.com says it this way:

“How can you branch out from your core selling points to very specific bits of information or service? Use these to stand out from the crowd. You don’t have to be better than your competition at everything…”

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