Traditional vs Digital Marketing

In today’s ever changing world of technology, marketing continues to evolve with technology. Businesses that do not adapt to technology and the tools within it are falling behind. Nothing beats the best type of communication and/or marketing than good old face to face business talk.

However, many people now prefer to shop and visit from the comfort of their phones. This is the new style of communication that is becoming more and more of the norm than traditional walk in and talk business. Retailers like Macy’s, JCPenney, Sears, and many more are prime examples of not adapting to technology and not communicating with their customers online. Sure they have made efforts in recent years but where to far behind the wheel to catch up.

The great thing about marketing online is you can be as big as you want to be with a good, clean, and crisp content site. Many people will judge the type of their site to the quality of their product. If your site looks poor quality or doesn’t have much appeal, your customer may choose to move on rather taking a more in depth look at your product or service.

Through SEO, or search engine optimization, you can be found by your customers. By having a good quality site, you can show them the quality of product or service you provide. With social media, you can reach your customers and engage with them in a relationship that builds brand loyalty and keeps them committed to you. Many outlets through traditional marketing can be very expensive. Also, they do not particularly target your type of customer. Through digital media, you can target the specific audience that you are looking to attract and also be able to track the data. This is something that has been an issue with traditional media for years.

On your next strategy, build out a digital marketing strategy that will target the specific type of customer you want to attract. Next, detail how you want to track the data and then decide what you want to do with that data. Encourage your customers to visit your site, like your Facebook page, write a Google review, and more. With digital marketing you are engaging with your customers rather than putting up a billboard and hoping to catch them looking up on the drive home from work. Think about the next advertisement you see on your phone. The advertisement is there for a reason. You have either Googled a subject, liked a certain page, or several other indicators that led that advertisement to you. Are you really paying attention to the traditional ad in the magazine or are you clicking on the advertisement to see what kind of special the company has when you see in online. If you find yourself in the traditional marketing trap and have not adapted to digital marketing then the time is now to act. More than likely, your competitors already are and they are gaining market share.

If you have adapted to some form of digital marketing but not fully utilizing it, do it. If you like traditional marketing that is fine, but you need to add digital marketing into your strategy. Whatever your situation, you must respond to changes to stay competitive.

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