Business people understand SEO is important for success with online tools. They would like to handle SEO themselves, but often it’s not fun. Or, it’s too distracting.

So, let’s do an SEO walk-through…

Luke 5 Marketing - Web Design - SEO -Tulsa OKSEO is a series of related tasks. Most involve studying, changing and creating text. The purpose is to make sure search engines–Google, Bing, etc–will find you website. It applies to social media and reviews and ranking of your reputation.

People who have done marketing or media relations understand why SEO is a big deal. Webmasters understand how to change SEO-specific text in websites. But, there’s a conceptual gap between those two types of professionals. That’s where digital marketers come in. They have both technical and communication skills. They do business analysis.

Try some yourself. Go to your website, or to a site you like. From your keyboard, type Ctrl (lower left) and the letter U. On a Windows machine, this will reveal the “source” behind the page.

Luke 5 Marketing • Web Design • SEO • Tulsa OK


In the source code is what looks like a jumble of unfamiliar words. Some of this is “Technical SEO” that makes your site more comprehensible to search engines. You can teach yourself to understand this or depend on IT persons to do so.

“Content SEO” is what you are reading now: On-screen media that you understand without special training. You can write something about a topic you understand. You may have someone look it over to make sure it’s good enough to post online. Doing it at a professional level requires practice and research. Obviously, there is a gap between technical and content SEO. A digital marketer fills the gap.

“Why do I have to do this? Isn’t business challenging enough?”

Well, two answers.
A) Make this new global market work for you. Many features of web-based business offer greater returns for your investment. Often, that investment is in time and effort. You don’t need investors for that.
B) The hurdle is mostly imaginary. You are just as smart as your competitors who are already doing SEO. If they are not doing SEO, you have an opportunity to get ahead.

Luke 5 Marketing - Web Design - SEO -Tulsa OK

“How do I get started?”

Every project starts with a strategy. Here are five core ideas to get you started.

Technical SEO. Includes indexing, auditing links, improving page speed, being mobile friendly, having structured data including JSON-LD/rich snippets, AMP configuration, HTTPS configuration, etc. Pair this with content SEO.
Content SEO. Includes keyword research and content revision, long-tail SEO, creating SEO-appropriate pages and posts, optimization, organization and promotion, measuring return on investment, etc. It takes a lot of time. Pair this with Technical SEO.
“Organic (non-paid) SEO” relies on all methods that don’t involve directly paying for search engine (Google) ranking. It means earning your spot.
“Adwords” is a paid SEO option offered by Google. If the client is small and their competitors are large, there may be war of budgets. Fastest results of available options.
“Local SEO” is for people whose clients, goods and services are in one geographic zone, such as a city. If they are walking in your door to do business with you, or vice versa, then you need local SEO.

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